Saturday, November 7, 2009

Waxing Styles Pictures What Is The Best Hair Product For White Guys?

What is the best hair product for white guys? - waxing styles pictures

What is the best hair product for children 20 to 35? Please tell me what you or your BF or any other product that I found, and if you know please the perfect hairstyle for men, we ask you in your reply with photos if possible. PS: Which is better, gel, wax, foam ... ? (Tell me everything you need to have beautiful hair. Instar color, cut) (brand of hair care products that guys look gay?)


Keithzwo... said...

The best kind of hair products for men, an ointment, a cross between a cream and wax. There is a right way and you do not keep your hair and do not leave your greasy hair.

The best hairstyles for boys at the time, it (Falcon) and long surfer hair.

cyndee said...

Type. Go to the local beauty salon and they will tell you what is good for you, just do not know everything. People have different hair color, style and structure and the need for different products. Get professional advice.

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