Thursday, November 5, 2009

Canon Digital Minidv Camcorder Better Than Expected I Just Purchased A Canon ZR900 Silver ~ MiniDV Digital Camcorder?

I just purchased a Canon ZR900 Silver ~ MiniDV Digital Camcorder? - canon digital minidv camcorder better than expected

Is this a good camera? I ordered online, so that we do not even use any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! Merry Christmas!

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Little Dog said...

The Canon ZR900 is a nice entry-level tape-based MiniDV camcorders. Check consumer reports revisions camcorderinfo and CNET. The ZR900 and ZR930 are the least expensive video cameras are available with an audio input for adding an external microphone - this is awesome. Almost all camcorders from other manufacturers in this price range do not have a microphone.

If you transfer videos to your computer all MiniDV cassette moiniDV transfer the same way - fireqire via a cable to the DV port on the camcorder to the FireWire port to connect to the computer. If your computer has a FireWire port, hopefully there is a slot available, you can add one. USB will not work. USB-Firewire converter will not work.

You also need a FireWire cable. The port on the DV tape Mini DV camcorder is always on a 4-pin. If the computer is a 4-pin FireWire, 6-pin or 9-pin was uncertain, as we have said.

FireWire, i.Link, IEEE1394 and DV are all the same ... and no USB.

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