Thursday, November 5, 2009

Activation Code For Power Hour Game 01" VW Passat Won't Start After New Alt & Bttry Replacement, I Have Activation Code, But Dnt Knw How?

01" VW Passat won't start after new alt & bttry replacement, I have activation code, but dnt knw how? - activation code for power hour game

Simply replace the alternator on my car, after the accession of the battery is sufficient, but not start. According to the manual mode of repair is theft, ANIT, and requires the activation code is entered on the stock radio. I replaced the radio, but they think I have with the original cover came from? There is a number and a dealer I can call? We bought the car for our daughter used to go and not replacing $ 400 experienced key perfer to a dealer. Any book that can help me?


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no start condition has nothing to do with radio. Here's how to know whether it is a question of your immobilzer cause the problem. IGN tower position to run, but do not try to start it. View of the lights that light on the table. There is a light that flashes immobilizer? it resembles a sketch of a car with a key in the middle. If so, it must be reprogrammed the key to IGN. if not, is not a question of ownership is not the cause of principle. Try using a different key to the car and see if you can start with this. once in a long time the memory of losing to the central locking. not common. You need to drag a VW dealer. No one else has to repair the unit. a dealer of Audi, but not the software. Remember, there is no code to set the radio so they can start the car. the code to unlock the radio function, so that the radio play again.

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