Saturday, November 28, 2009

30 Year Old Vajina What Amount Should A 30 Year Old Have In Savings?

What amount should a 30 year old have in savings? - 30 year old vajina

I wonder what a "very good" for 30 years to have savings and pension funds. My lifestyle requires approximately $ 2,000 per month cost. So where to for retirement / other?

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SmittyJ said...

It is hard to say because they are not income and other relevant information. Retirement planning should be done with the idea that their goal is to accumulate enough savings to replace the revenue that you lived when they were working on. Assuming that you, in order to maintain their lifestyle in retirement should expect to be able to, at a minimum of 70% of pre-retirement income per year for each year, generating their main source of pension funds. Regardless of whether your current nest is enough to keep and whether you have enough savings depends on many factors including the number of streams of income you need to plan for the transfer of existing assets and replace, the age at which you retire, their expectations about what we do in retirement, their life expectancy, etc. The fact that you are concerned, this is the first and most important step in building a solid retirement plan ... My suggestion is to consult with a professional financial adviser can help you, a well-structured plan for your individual goals are tailored. SPENDing few hundred dollars today in a good advice you can give a better chance to have an enjoyable and rewarding retirement.

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