Monday, November 9, 2009

Order What Order Do I Put The Sparkplug Wires In On A 97 Honda Civic?

What order do I put the sparkplug wires in on a 97 honda civic? - order

I recently replaced the spark plugs with a wire to new heights. Now the motor does not work well flares and engine control. I looked around on some forums (Honda-Tech) and it seems that I do (in a certain order firing order? ") May be Taken. The question is what order.

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jose o said...

Follow the center of the distributor cap, where a deck to a point outside of the lid. Use this as a guide to its starting point and work your way clockwise, for each of the 4 points. The first point is connected to the spark plug 4, connected to the side with the plug 2 is combined with the next spark plug 1, and finally the 3rd candle

The spark plug 1 is closest to his belt on the right side of the engine, while the candle 4 of dealers in your area on the left side of the engine.

These specifications do not change between 92 to 98 Civic. Be sure to get this right, and then confirm with a service manual Honda Civic, if necessary. Cylinder outburst against other bad things can damage your engine.

Hope this helps!

yodamand... said...

1342 from the engine Puley

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