Friday, November 6, 2009

Fotos De Denisse Milani Desnuda Can Someone Translate" Te Mando Las Fotos Que Hicimos En Madrid Vale Y Algunas De Mis Sobris Y Amigos Besos"

Can someone translate" Te mando las fotos que hicimos en madrid vale y algunas de mis sobris y amigos besos" - fotos de denisse milani desnuda

Can someone tell me what that means in Spanish, please? Thanks


Bonnie Ayr said...

I send you photos, we have OK Madrid, and some (pictures) of my nephews / nieces, and friends, kisses

steiner1... said...

That is, I made photos in Madrid, OK
and some of my nieces and nephews and friends. Kisses.

vgirla5 said...

I get e-mails we have the photos OK Madrid, and some of my nephews and friends. Kisses!

ALFimzad... said...

I'll send photos as we do in Madrid, it's worth, and my friends sober and kisses are like babelfish translated.

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