Monday, November 9, 2009

Asian Electric Torture Can You Use A Wok With An Electric Stove?

Can you use a wok with an electric stove? - asian electric torture

I get a wok, because I love Asian food, but I have an electric stove, and I am sure that I should go buy one, because I'm sure my furnace heat is distributed properly.


Stillwat... said...

If you have a Western-style stove, you should have a flat wok instead of a traditional curve. Even if a wok ring that allows you to live a normal life balance, not to the uniform heating of the ground in an instant. Or just use a large pan / frying pan has higher sides.

A wok is not mandatory for the Asian cuisine, learn through trial and error how to set the time and temperature on the income of her own home. Another alternative is a small laptop burner, used a gas cylinder, for both indoor and outdoor kitchen (eg crickets is connected in the garden).

♥♥Shinin... said...

In short, you can. The electric stove offers the same amount of heat and gas stove. The only difference is that gas fire you immediately heat, the better control of heating and cooling time. The electric cooker has a few extra minutes to bring the wok to desired temperature, and it also can not cool a few minutes. Therefore, if you have an electric stove, pre-heat a frying pan or wok before cooking on all Chinese dishes, as most Chinese dishes require cooking times and temperatures quite right. Should be With a little patience and effort, you will be able to cook so well dish in an electric heater as a gas stove. A wok is) standing ring (be necessary if you have a very strongly curved wok. Over the past 50 years, all the places I had lived, an electric stove, so I know what I can do wokking electric. (In fact, all the recipes in this book were tested on the electric stove in my humble kitchen.)

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