Saturday, November 7, 2009

Serial Pour Mount&blade What Are The Limitations Of Pour Plate And Spread Plate Technique?

What are the limitations of pour plate and spread plate technique? - serial pour mount&blade

I have 2 samples of the leak and a pond for my experiments.we made some dilution.then series, we counted these standard methods of plaque

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mediusa said...

Pour plate - The sample of bacteria growing on agar-agar, and top.
Spread plate - only the bacteria grown on agar.
Pour plates are used if you want to know "how many total bacteria in a sample will.
Spread sheets are used when we have found an idea of the kind of bacteria in a sample, so that the use of selective agar growth promoting precisely this type of bacteria.
Pour plate boundaries - for anything and everything that grows under a rain of plates, a plate full of people can not say we ever could have something. Therefore, we use the sample with several boards diluted. Duplicate tests can also be helpful.
Try Incubate the plates at different temperatures. I tried to 2 degrees, 35 degrees and 55 degrees (Celsius.)
Restrictions on the dissemination of Platte - under good conditions, some organisms, the ability to "spread" and may the entire plate, the cover does not prevent the growth of other organisms, and the count.
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