Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flat Warts More Condition_symptoms How Did You Get Rid Of Flat Warts?

How did you get rid of flat warts? - flat warts more condition_symptoms

It has flat warts on the arms and hands for about 8 months. Nothing seems to work. A local treatment does not work, because as soon as a question, another three pop elsewhere. I saw a dermatolagist and currently prescribed Aldara, and Tagamet. The Tagamet initially worked but now I'm at 800 mg per day, and it has been for months.

Please help me, I'm desperate!

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Stephani... said...

That's what I would do. .. Get a little vinegar Bragg (mother and it is for that), you get a cotton swab and enjoy the pad to plan, just damp enough to take not exhausted all the rooms and put it on the wart and put Board does not need much wider on the dock ... maintained throughout the night and again every night for 3-6 days. The warts will fall and black.

I own a medical company, and natural medicine.

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