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Diabetes More Condition_symptoms Is Diabetes Found More Commonly In Certain Age Groups, Ethnic Groups, Or A Particular Sex?

Is diabetes found more commonly in certain age groups, ethnic groups, or a particular sex? - diabetes more condition_symptoms

Diabetes is more common in certain age groups, ethnic or gender?


Mr. Peachy® said...

Chances are, you can know about diabetes, diabetes type two, even as an adult, insulin resistance or glucose tolerance.

Yes, the incidence of Type II diabetes can be considered to differ significantly depending on ethnicity and age. Not so much with sex, but. Search Pima Indians at a specific time for a truly fascinating story, which, as we show this behavior ancestors a healthy life on earth "way of life for the typical Western diet, eating foods high and low calorie lifestyle relationship quiet because the incidence of type II diabetes is increasing at almost 50% in fifty years in all Pima Indians. Yes, there is a genetic component, but lack of exercise nutrition and physics have a large impact on whether you are the development of diabetes type two capable.

smayrae said...

Type 1 has a higher incidence in children and African-Americans. Type 2 is very common in overweight people.

Monica said...

There are different types of diabetes with different causes and factors. You want to be more specific when asked. For example, the probability is 100% higher than that of a woman for gestational diabetes ... Do not understand people.

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I did a Google search and found this: ...

but it seems that we speak only of type 2 diabetes.

And of course, is Type 1 (aka juvenlie diabetes diabetes) probably too young, the type-2 diabetes rarely found in children.

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Well, it is hard to read, but here is something that I found on different groups of type 1 diabetes: ...

I heard something earlier about the existence of a higher incidence of type 1 diabetes in the coldest regions of the world, but I wanted something to confirm it before finding something to say.

da d said...

Yes, it is more common in the North and Central America with the First Nations. The average is about 3 times the European standard "normal" population in the same area. Persons of interest are the Otomi and Pima Indians in Mexico and the southern states. They are approximately 50% incidence of diabetes - the highest in the world. As a result, have much research on them had to understand why.
The main cause of what I know for the rest of First Nations is the diet with a sedentary lifestyle and susceptibility to them.
It tends to affect both sexes equally in the villages of the "European".

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