Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Buy Navigo V2 Plus Can I Buy Navigo Decouverte At Roissy CDG Airport?

Can I buy Navigo Decouverte at Roissy CDG Airport? - buy navigo v2 plus

We arrived at Terminal 1 in Dublin, want and buy "Navigo Découverte for week.Is there is a ticket counter in Terminal?


Graham I said...

Not in the terminal, but if you go the Office of the RER is a must (and is about their Navigo still use, because even if you plan to have the bus station next to the RER station).

sotires said...

Another point to the answer above - the online box office at CDG RER is probably very long. A plan may be better to buy a ticket to Paris, by a machine, then buy your Navigo to Paris.
It makes no difference in the total amount, unless you want to receive Navigo including airport ticketing area.

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