Thursday, November 5, 2009

Camera Lenses For Dummies Nikon D40/d40x For Dummies How Would A Canon EOS XSi With An EF-S 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6 IS Lens Compare To A 50D With The Same Lens?

How would a Canon EOS XSi with an EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens compare to a 50D with the same lens? - camera lenses for dummies nikon d40/d40x for dummies

I have the SLR in the possession of the past, and I am currently on the market for a new one. I want to stay with Canon, because I was very happy with my Rebel K2. After searching the Internet is finally concluded that I would get the XSI. I'm so happy, a digital SLR camera, which I do not have to wait! Haha. So I went to Best Buy, just to check. I played in the XSi and I felt good ..... But then, just before I took my 50D and took a few shots that one too. I know it's the photographer that makes the image, not necessarily the camera .... in automatic mode, but I noticed a big difference in picture quality between the two. My son looked somewhat pale and washed with the xsi and I realized that if you are on the face that the flash is used and not seen look good. In the skin of his 50D was evenly lit, and looked no more gold or be exposed to it more. I held both in the test mode, and shot him in the same place. I do not have the parameters of the XSi later and looked a little better, but not as good asthe 50D system. So, now I do not know is what to do. I'm worried if I have the XSi, I am sorry I will get my hands on.

Then I started thinking, what is the difference in the lens? I have so often online, that the goal that relates to the image quality, not so much the camera is read out. So my question is if I will put the EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6, as XSi, at the same lens on a 50D comparison? Was there a big difference, or hardly at all? I think back to the store to try.

I only use the game "dummy", but in comparing the two in this environment, the cameras are displayed day and night, IMO. Any advice would be very grateful ....


hypnoeye... said...

The goal is not much difference between the two rooms.

It should be noted that both devices have LCD screens. You can use the specifications can be found here: ... ...

Personally, I would recommend the 50D (or the support for the new mid-range model is rumored to be handed out this fall). The difference between the two just to build the body and the shutter speed. Shooting 50D 6 frames per second, while the XSi is 3.5 or less stuck.

In addition, the shutter on the 50D is intended) up to 100,000 shares (clicks, while the XSi is only nominally 50k.

Edit: Make sure that you do not boost exposure compensation if you wash a picture.

David M said...

If you use the same lens and settings to virtually no difference. In the ISO the higher the 50D produce a little better, but not until ISO 800 Then you can and you need a lab test to determine the difference.

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