Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wedding Card Wordings, We Prefer Cash What Wordings Do We Put On My Wedding Invitation Card If We Prefer Cash Gifts?

What wordings do we put on my wedding invitation card if we prefer cash gifts? - wedding card wordings, we prefer cash

Any mention of gifts - money or things - as you rightly expect the feeling of a gift.

A gift should be just that - something that someone offers you something that you can not ask (do not ask me a fine or a bribe).

Ask people to share in your wedding, their joy, not as a cash cow. Forget the idea and accordingly to reduce the wedding budget on. Has not yet sent the invitations to the luxury of time to do so.


Rena J said...

Tacky, rude? Who are you gone to a wedding to go? Take your time. Weddings are ridiculously expensive and most people these days ask for donations. In addition to that guests have a hard time deciding what to do and that the bride and groom end up with a dozen papers and half a dozen vases.
The best way is to ask the gift of cash, a "Wishing Well" at the front desk and let your guests on the invitation. It is close-minded and outdated to think that this unpleasant and rude.

Michelle H said...

I did some research on this subject as we are with the same dilemma. I found the prospect does not always recommend to the state on the invitations. It is very bad - Speaking of netiquette. They say the best way to bring the message is simple word of mouth to convey.

I do not think it map to describe where we've been "registered", the possible reaction of the customers could not for all "message", it seems likely that a donation would be welcome enough.

Hope this helps!

ilovewed... said...

Hello and congratulations!

Sorry, but probably tackle this problem. He once called in the week.

We can say nothing of gifts on an invitation. No mention or registered or not, and certainly not about money.

What can you do? Simply nowhere recorded. When your guests see that you are not registered yet, I hope it will give you cash.

That's all you can do.

jennbeav... said...

I have read and studied many times in recent months. And I agree that the issue of gifts in the invitation is not really good label. What can you do when no money put into the wedding shower gift. And people that go with marriage.

Just be sure not register anywhere and will most likely be in place with small gifts gift cards end. :)

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