Thursday, January 28, 2010

Egg White Discharge At 39 Weeks 38 Weeks And Having Alot Of Discharge?

38 weeks and having alot of discharge? - egg white discharge at 39 weeks

I am 38 weeks almost 39 and I have many downloads. guess is a bit like the white of an egg snot oi, I would say. is a little cream colored with a touch of blood. I have the implementation of this lot for a few days, and sometimes its a! I went to my check-up 38 weeks on Wednesday and the doctor told me I was 4cm extended. Ive been with a few cramps and back pain, but nothing major. She seemed actually to stop. Is this normal?


Baby #3 will arrive 12/8/09 said...

This is normal. This is my pregnancy, 3rd, and I'm 38 weeks and experience this moment and the 3rd too. Only part of the process.

Shady Pines Ma! said...

Probably your mucus plug, which is how the cervix is always ready for work. Prepare yourself, you can work at any time from the right, the second starts to 3 weeks from now.

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