Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pin Stroke Symptoms How Do I Know If I Have Had A Stroke Recently Or In The Past?

How do I know if I have had a stroke recently or in the past? - pin stroke symptoms

About me: I am a 35 years old man who is 5'7 ", 165 pounds, stress and generalized anxiety disorder since 2003. Triglycerides 240 + level in 2005 and now stands at 190th in BP 120-130 / 85 -95. Cholestrol is the limit. There is no physical activity in the last 9 years after leaving university and joinging software development.

In the autumn of 2005 I took my son to stop after 40 meters, and when he began to tangle toe left and went to the end of the left eye. It státy it for about 5 seconds, then turn left. A few months later I lost for a moment in my house during the movement of the head upward. He kept his calm and his eyes looked back (thankfully!)

Should reduce I went to the doctor, who told me that physical activity should start and triglyceride levels.

The last two years, I did something wrong, but I had a pen, and just the feeling after eating donuts. I think my question is that I have mild heart attack? How to check? Now I'm really woried after reading the symptoms. Thank you!


nadia g said...

We can "Taps" as you describe. Go to your doctor and insist that you to a specialist (cardiologist) or paragraph asked to do some tests show no abnormalities on. All the doctors responsible for stress, unless they can not find an answer, others make the effort to investigate further. Would it be for your own peace of mind. It is nothing serious, but it is important that you know for sure. They lead to more stress to dismiss their complaints.

JE1 said...

Hello, Big Questions!

I am an Echocardiographer and seems to be important risk factors for stroke and heart disease. Firstly, triglycerides as you what you eat donuts? If I were you Cardilogist a stress test, to assess the flow possibiblity a limitation of the coronary artery to, and an EKG to see if there are any damage to heart muscle. For your brain, I would see a CT or MRI, to determine whether there is brain damage from a blocked brain artery, and caratod A. Duplex ultrasound to see if the carotid arteries are clean. The face of the typical symptoms of transient ischemic attack or TIA.

Good luck!

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