Sunday, January 31, 2010

Strep Picture Feet Could I Have Strep Throat? (picture)?

Could I have strep throat? (picture)? - strep picture feet

I hope this is not at all serious, but I have a picture of the inside of my throat, because my mother is not there to see it to ... but my throat hurts, is strongly depleted, but enough to notice! but apart from that nothing, even if I Allergies

Is this the beginning of the sore throat?


Sui said...

go to the doctor

Dfgdfsg S said...

I do not know, but better safe than sorry STREP no big problem, just go to your local doctor and then with a cotton swab in the neck, and if you have STREP tablets should be for 10 days and the sore throat been disappeared after 1-2 days easy

Sirrenthia J said...

I am not sure because the picture is unclear. But the best thing to do is go to the doctor, to prevent worse, if something really wrong. We hope you feel better!

D Lynn said...

I do not know, but it could be.

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