Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gymnastic Dress Should I Give Blood At My High School?

Should i give blood at my high school? - gymnastic dress

I respect all the requirements that do not know if I all activities already planned to do.

I would like to donate blood at day 13 in the morning or afternoon to.
during the night is my church lock-in. They go instead to a laser tag and a place of exercise.
Then on the night of 14, the night is so high. This is to preserve, where the old clothes and quantities of superlatives. I am nominated and have a very good chance of winning.

My main question is, if I donate blood on that day, it was able to run at night without dizziness or fainting?
I have never seen before, and I am a very healthy boy.

and if I put my blood, I still followed the association and night, older people? or when I'm with the band, there would be a success?

and if you have any advice on what before and the day would be great! Mil gracias! (:

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Anonymous said...

Probably best to give it a shot this time missed, you're young and have many opportunities for donations will be offered in the future, if desired, and there are many people who need transfusions may be a good thing people are not willing and to help with the situation.
Good luck with your competitors.

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