Friday, February 19, 2010

Sidekick 08 How Much For Prepaid Minutes Help?!? Prepaid Sidekick 08 Information? Please!! =[?

Help?!? prepaid sidekick 08 information? please!! =[? - sidekick 08 how much for prepaid minutes

Okay, so in trying to convince my parents choose a partner. but let me a prepaid phone. I have some questions then. I've heard that its a $ 1 per day and 15 cents for each minute you use the phone, but it is true? So what is the phone itself, if you buy pre-paid? SIM card will be billed separately. even necessary, for early repayment? Can someone please me more details on pre-paid friends. Please, please help. =]

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Anonymous said...

The prices are normal, T-Mobile are the costs. I do not think you have to pay a dollar a day.
As the mobile market is much cheaper because the phone is paid the full price during the contract period of 2 years, if that makes sense. The deposit is more expensive, because the lock in two years, so I think the guy is up to $ 300-400 advance, I know, I've crawled when I heard.
Yes, you need a SIM card, but must be with the phone, because there is no problem.
The partners are extremely expensive, if prepaid, so if you do not have $ 400 that I do not recommend the purchase.

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