Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Dog Favors His Right Leg At Times My Dog Is Favoring His Back Right Leg...why?

My dog is favoring his back right leg...why? - my dog favors his right leg at times

It is a Miniature Schnauzer 5 years old and had no problems like this before. It went from something or do something, something that could lead to that would have been inflicted. It began today after he is done with the bathroom and saw that he favors his right leg at that time was completely immobile leg .... WHAT WRONGGG!
Please help me understand.
I should bring to a vet?


Amanda Lane said...

Yes, take him to the vet, who can not be diagnosed online and you can not do anything to change it themselves. Stay calm and relaxed and do not let it run and jump until you can see the vet tomorrow.

missy BOO! said...


Sandman4... said...

Yes, take him to the vet.

If you have a torn ligament (ligament ACruciate) in the knee, requiring expensive surgery. (May as high as $ 1500,00 or more).

When this happens, there is a veterinarian in Astoria, Oregon, is a semi-retired veterinarian who specializes in surgery for much less. (Usually $ 300.00 or less).

Dr. Larry Giza
Columbia Animal Clinic
576 31. St, Astoria - (503) 325-2250

Google will also Vet Astoria, Oregon for more information.

MC BC said...

In any case, take him to the vet to be sure.

Good riddance to bad rubbish! said...

Take him to the vet .. May be many reasons why he was in favor of the leg:

Something stuck in his leg
Hip dysplasia
Slipped Disc

~♥Lavend... said...

Take him to the vet already!

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