Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Japan Loli Models Why Are Gothic Lolita And Lolita Clothes So Expensive?

Why Are Gothic Lolita and Lolita Clothes So Expensive? - japan loli models

Besides the fact that many of them imported from Japan. I bought a Goth Loli-shirt in a shop here in the United States was about $ 60. Even some of the "cheaper" (by quality, I mean), which are costly. So if you have an idea why it so expensive?


Emily333 said...

Since many things that you use a lot of substances and materials and take time to do. Time and money is a very important factor when it comes to quantities of leaves.

Savannah B said...

I really do not know, but I think it's because it is a subculture that most people use. That's my best guess though.

Don't hate said...

The drawings, sewing is hard, and the animations are very difficult

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