Thursday, February 18, 2010

Biffy Clyro Mountains Chords Piano Biffy Clyro Mountains?? Is It Depressing Enough For Biffy?

Biffy Clyro Mountains?? Is it depressing enough for Biffy? - biffy clyro mountains chords piano

But a great song, and I love him, but he is very optimistic about the lyrics Biffy Clyro. Totally unlike songs like Justboy and computers. It is also of the other songs that are less depressing, but still have their "prog-rock and the theme Screamy forgotten. Biffy yet, but we see a conventional, less musical now playing Daredevil Biffy sure I'm with the success of Fair satisfied?

What do you think?


MAGIC MAN said...

And finally ... It plays right on the button ...

babbalab... said...

I think it's to do with the end of the mourning

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