Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pictures Of Eczema Spots Eczema Or Dermatitis In Pregnancy...?

Eczema or dermatitis in pregnancy...? - pictures of eczema spots

I never had rashes in my life until I was with my first child 2 years ago .. pregnant, a small part of my forearm started to come to a place like a rash, itching, but only seemingly come and go, and do not get angry. Since I had my child, has come and gone in the same place, but said much. I am now 5 weeks pregnant with my 2nd Baby and is back en masse, but worse this time, its spread through my arm and I have a somewhat different type rash on my shoulder. Both are very annoying and painful. Ive seen pictures of eczema and dermatitis on the net and it seems almost the same. In going to the doctor this week to see what can be done about it. Has anyone had this epidemic during pregnancy? If so, what and do not cause other problems.?
(sorry, I know it for a long time) =)


cazifant... said...

Of course! My second pregnancy was the worst, I stuck my head shape feet! She said the doctor, who suffer from urticaria (hives or welts, as he learned later!) It is, however, was a form of dermatitis. I found the bathroom to bite me again, so I stayed in the shower. When I my third child, the most things that had done the itching, such as certain detergents, etc., managed to provoke, and to avoid prolonged exercise itch.

Sicilien... said...

I had small patches of eczema since I was little. I'm usually in the spring, but the pregnancy was no effect of thinking. The best way I found to resolve, to put a little oil in the region just after exiting the shower. You can also use a bag of oatmeal it) for 10-20 minutes (normal oatmeal, prepared as usual. Clothes can also run it. Washing Try clothes with scented cleaning products, then use the white vinegar in the wash, no fabric softener or dryer. Sometimes, if you really badly to cortisone cream to remove it but do not use in early pregnancy, fortunately, the dermatologist.

Sorry for your itchy, but congratulations and good luck with your pregnaAncy.

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