Monday, February 15, 2010

A Good Way To Wincubefield What Is A Good Way To Reuse A Household Object?

What is a good way to reuse a household object? - a good way to wincubefield

I have a creative example of this type of morning a familiar object of appeal, instead of shooting, I found a new use. Some examples we have discussed in class: savings and the use of bottles of wine, if you are your own wine, with old margarine containers, plastic, etc.
I can think something really creative or dark. And you?


Chaz said...

1. Sponges and toothbrushes to clean the old bathroom
2. Fill the soap dispenser and soap in bulk
3. Reuse a piece of paper that is printed on one page
4. Reuse of paper or cloth bags when shopping, so you do not lose another.
5. Fill plastic bottles, and it raises
6. Composting of organic material (fruits, vegetables, beans, etc.)

Gooch said...

The fact is that you do not seep onto plastic bottles, can fill chemicals in plastic into the drink.

Consult wormtopia is wormbox you can put food into small pieces and compost

shammy22... said...

Bags and seal. Bags in the store or garbage bags can be used at home. Paper bags make good wrapping paper and twisted relationships can be used, the disparate elements, such as computer secure cable.

Address Labels envelopes that you can reuse envelopes. Alternatively, old envelopes can be used as scrap paper for notes.

Jars and jugs. For the cleaning of glasses and small boats can be used to store odds and ends than small containers.

Newspapers, cardboard and bubble wrap packaging material to be useful when moving or storing items.

Old clothes - in textiles such as cushion covers and tea cosies made.

For packaging such as paper and eggTons can the schools and kindergartens, where they are donated are used in art projects and crafts.

Waste paper can be used for notes and sketches. Do not forget to recycle when no longer needed.

Old tires can give your local service station, where they are recycled. You can also make a tire swing by attaching a strong rope around a tire and connects it to a tree.

The wood can be used in the carpentry shop to make things like a supermarket or a bird table. Alternatively, it could be used as firewood.

Donna M said...

Get a screen (the thing that is draining the pasta, etc.), in line with the flat sheet, fill it with potting soil and planted herbs for use in the kitchen.
Nice glass bottles are used as decorative vases.
Old tiles can be distributed and used to make mosaics on.
Newspapers can be shredded and used as mulch for the garden, or as wrapping paper with a simple black tie or red - is the best you can imagine.

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