Thursday, December 24, 2009

Young Girls Masterbate Will I Get Pregnant If I Just Masterbate With My Finger (girls Only) I?

Will i get pregnant if i just masterbate with my finger (girls only) i? - young girls masterbate

I do not get pregnant, because I'm young and I wanted to be used only to ensure that produce an egg with his finger in me so please help me, should be and to feel pain after the second time we have done THANK YOU KINDA HURTS

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Anonymous said...

No, it can not be pregnant on your own.
Sometimes, if you masterbate then again after a few minutes or something that can be a bit tender for a second time.
I think you're a little about how this works Pregos confused. To are super easy to subjects who understand all sorts of things, advice on new ways to carry a pregnancy to masterbate what the school

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