Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cancer Quotes Sympathy Inspirational Quotes For Girl With Breast Cancer?

Inspirational quotes for girl with breast cancer? - cancer quotes sympathy

A very good friend of mine suffers from a rare form of breast cancer. I make an album for her that I would be filled with inspirational quotes, in order to survive, are perserverence, and enjoy life to the fullest. Please share your favorite quote, so I can add to their notebooks. Thank you, and I know that the girl would mean worlds.

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Mickey Mouse said...

"I came several times, I fall, I'm still, I'm running against the edge of hidden obstacles, I would lose patience and get back and keep better, Ride On, I gain a little, I am encouraged , I've got more impatient and climb higher and begin to expand horizons. Every fight is a victory. Another effort and I reach the luminous cloud, blue sky, the highlands of my desire. "- Helen Keller in" The Story Of My Life "

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