Friday, December 11, 2009

Hutch Bmx Store Who Owns The Rights To The Hutch BMX Brand?

Who owns the rights to the Hutch BMX brand? - hutch bmx store

Be Hutch (or Hutchins) has been in business here for a while, but someone has to have the name or copyright. Do not know who or what company has the right to Hutch?

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stvcosta said...

Jay Becht and his partner, Mike Hutchins, co-owner Ferriel / Revcore.
Jay Becht, BMX Plus! May 1992: A man in town, Bill Bellis, bought Hutchins / Revcore Richard Hutchins and Roger Worsham. Then, the two companies moved to Louisville, Kentucky. There were other companies and not much time, Hutchins run / Revcore when I was looking for someone to help you. I applied and got the job. I was responsible for management, marketing, promotion and design. Mr. Bellis then sold the company with two other people. It turned out that he could not just, "he said. Then he offered to Mike and I in February '91, just before the ABA Winter Nationals last year. I know it was a good opportunity. The price was certainly a factor, but I always dreamed of owning and running a bicycle company. Another reason is that I BMX love (I raced since '82 and I'm a professional since '87.) And I always try to make it bigger. I think Hutchins / Revcore make a difference in the future.

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